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My First Blog … Me

July 3, 2006

I am not sure what to write in my first blog …
Well how about writting something about self .. am sure this is one of the most difficult thing .. to analyze urself and to put it in words …

Well to start its better just to start with the introduction –

This is Ravi, born and brought up in Pune … Never been out of pune for studies or work … first time I was out of Pune .. was an trip to Goa with my all dearest close frds and it was during 3rd Year of my college days…
Never could do better with studies …. had been really very bad with Academic record (thkfully could complete B.E in 4 yrs).. but really I can tell this just bc currently I am holding a good job which could just hide the bad work of mine during college days ..

And for this I really would like to thank one of my best frd Amit, who guided me for the computer course and just bc of those 5 min talks with him ..whole dimension of my life has changed .. and am here in Pune working in one of the Best Software Company named Geometric Software Soln. which I would have never even thought to land in.

Never been serious with my studies or in professional life as well .. all my frds still engaged with the furture studies .. few of them even achieved more than one Masters degree and few planning for Phd .. but me still just holding one Bachelors degree which can never help me in future bc its degree just for the name .
I dont know ever I can be serious of anything in my life ..

Yes the best and fun part of my life is the Enjoyment with my friends .. I always have plenty of time for that .. life is still just fun for me .. enjoy with frds, go out for trips or treks, watch girls on FC road (just watch and comments nothing more than tht) .
I am realizing all these things just because I was getting bore on weekends at home doing nothing, when my frds are busy with there priorties in there life ..
Still imagine when I would be serious about my life .. when I would seriously do something in my life .. when can I set priorities in my life ….

Well thts why I always say ” All the Best for Me ”
Everything is really very good good in my life .. still there is no feeling of accomplishment or achievement … Hope I could do something seriously in my life …