Actions: The Best Teacher and The Best Learner

August 2, 2016

On social network, I stumble on to the following phrase:

“We should not worry about next generation, that they are not listening to us; But we should worry that they are observing us.”

Immediately, being a parent myself, this phrase started train of thoughts in my mind.

As a parent, I always wish my child to be a better Human Being. I try to teach her the qualities of good Human Being: to be responsible, humble, compassionate, lovable, etc…

But how can I be good a teacher? To be a good teacher, first I should learn what I want to teach, I should live what I want to teach. In short, to preach or teach anything to others, my life should demonstrate that teachings through my actions.

How is this possible?

There are three modes of learning: Auditory(listening), Visual(observing) and Kinesthetic(doing/practice/actions). The researchers have proven that what we learn through listening stays with us for short time than what we observe, and what we observe stay in our memory comparatively for short time than what we do. However, this does not mean we should avoid Auditory learning or Visual learning as they are equally important as Kinesthetic learning.

How did I learn to drive a car?  I was given instructions on how the car works and what I need to do to drive the car (Auditory Learning). Then I often sat in the passenger seat and observe the person in driving seat, how he/she drives the car (Visual Learning). Finally when I sat in the passenger seat and started driving (Kinesthetic Learning), I learned how to drive. Now practicing driving again and again, it has become my second nature and don’t even have to think while I drive. Driving has become my muscle memory (Kinesthetic memory). Now, I can even think of teaching someone how to drive as they can see me driving and trust on my driving lessons.

Now, going back to our basic question, how can I teach my kid to be a good human being ? For that I first need to learn and be a good human being.

How can I learn and who will teach me ?

First and foremost, you can learn from a teacher only when you have full trust and faith on your teacher. The teacher who himself/herself is a true example of a perfect human being. I can only think of my Satguru and the saints whom I trust and have faith to be my teacher when it comes to learning human values.


I have attended Samagams and listened the teachings of my Satguru. Through the technology, I’m able to listen teachings of Satguru over my phone or on my computer. I attend congregations every Sunday, listen teachings from saints. But then, have I learned what they are teaching me? Probably not all, because if you ask me on Monday, what I learned in Sunday’s congregation, I might not be able to recall it all. (Audible memory has smallest life span).

I watch Satguru practicing these teachings in real life. I saw saints following the teachings of Satguru in their routine life. I observe how the Satguru or saints respond in situations that are not ideal, I observe how they face the adversity. But then, how will I react in same circumstances? Probably not always the way I have learned and observed. May be because I don’t recall what I learned and what I observed when I’m in the same situation.(Visual memory has smaller life span).

So as in the example of driving a car, unless I use Kinesthetic learning, practicing what I’m learning and observing to be a good human being, I can never be a good human being. Unless I make it as my second nature, unless I make it my muscle memory, I can’t say I’m following the teachings of my Satguru, teachings of all the saints. (Kinesthetic memory stays with you forever)

Again, first I need to be a good human being, before I expect others or teach my daughter to be a good human being. She will learn from what I say to her and how I behave when she is observing me.

Unless my actions resonates with what I have learned, what I have observe from my teacher, I cannot be a teacher.

I’m capturing my thoughts in form of this blog as a reminder for myself on how can I improve myself? These thoughts are not for anyone but for me. Please bless me that I’m able to be true to my words and practice Humanity inside my home and outside my home.

Thank You.


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  1. Nicely put Ravi Ji …. Thanks for sharing ….🙏

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