Vision of Appreciation

June 1, 2011

Every creature in this universe strives for two basic things; strives to live and strives to be happy. Who do not want to live and who do not want to be happy? Economy and society is generous enough or you can say a GOD is generous enough to provide everyone (99% of living creatures) a minimum required things to live in this world. We all accept it or some will say, they earn their living, as their is no other choice to live. Good enough, but the same society or same GOD is also giving everyone enough to be happy and just look inside you and around, how many of us are happy ? How many of us have smile on their beautiful face ?

Not many as everyone complains or frowns for not achieving enough to be happy or things not happening as expected, to keep one happy. Why everyone do not get things which will keep them happy? The only answer to this is, the things which will make one happy are not constant. They keep changing and so do we keep running away from happiness.

In other words happiness is a state of mind and its choice of our mind to be happy or not to be happy. We choose not to be happy, as our mind is trained to be happy only if we get certain things which are not easily given. I was in state of happiness when I got my first bicycle, when I graduated from college, when I got my first job, when I got married, etc.. but my current state of mind is not making me feel as happy as I wish.

Lets try a different approach, lets train our mind to be happy for things we have right now in life. Lets stop our mind wandering thinking about future and things which will make you happy. Train the mind to be happy at every moment. How can it be possible? The best way is put glasses of appreciation on your mind. Lets appreciate each and everything we have in this life and be thankful for GOD for giving us such a precious human life.

Stop complaining about flight or train being late or seats in the plane are not comfortable or always a small child crying in the plane. Instead appreciate this great invention, which have made possible to travel from Mumbai to NewYork in 16-18 hours. Otherwise can you imagine ever traveling from Mumbai to NewYork? May be yes, but may have taken ages.

Stop complaining about the traffic you face during your everyday commute to office. Instead appreciate you have a job and you have a vehicle to get stuck in traffic. Ask your grand parents about their job and their commute to job.

Stop complaining about a quality of mango (Indian) you get in United States. Instead appreciate the efforts behind making it available for you. A farm in India or Mexico, someone picking it for you from the tree, putting it in boxes, making it travel across borders 10000 miles away and finally getting it here in this tiny store.

Stop complaining about the bad or slow network for your cell phones. Instead appreciate a device and service which is making possible to be in touch with your loving ones, without wires and you can see them on cam, take & share pics, record & share videos, text (sms, mms, what not..) and yes it shows the time as well 🙂

Stop complaining, stop taking things for granted and appreciate the things around you. Appreciate what this life has given you and feel happy because you are the special one to be blessed with this wonderful life.

If this all sounds stupid, take yourself in the era of your grand-grand-parents and imagine what your life looks like? You leaving in your town for entire life, doing the job what your father was doing, getting married to a person your parents choose for you. Now does this life gives a feeling of happiness?,  if yes I guarantee this is happening only  because your mind is in state of acceptance and appreciation.

Lets not live a life but live a Happy life. Let the smile on your beautiful face show your true inner happiness. Don’t forget this happy smile of yours can be a source for another happy smile around.

Thanks 🙂



  1. “Contentment” is the keyword I feel.
    We really need to be content with what God had given to us.

    As simple as, if we have a roof over our head, if we can earn “enough” to make a living(food,clothes etc..) & if we have our family (and friends) with us. We are the most blessed creatures on this planet.

    One should always have higher goals and desires, but that should NOT stop us from being “Happy” in this moment.

  2. Well written and conceptualized, Ravi Ji. The whole idea is so simple… And we can really contribute to it by individually playing our respective parts. The simplicity of this idea is the foundation of universal brotherhood.
    Keep on writing, Ravi Ji.

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