Truth or Perception

May 5, 2011

Shukr Hai Ki Shukr Hai

The unlimited expanse in which everything is located is called as SPACE. Each one of us is an object in this space or we can say space is one that has enveloped everyone of us.
Space and time will always be in a continuum and we experience their company at each and every moment as we move through process of life. This continuum of space and time ensures that we will never re-visit the experiences that we once go through.
We all have same space around us but everyone will describe it uniquely and differently, why? The difference is because each individual perceive the same space differently. No two people will experience the space in same way. Each experience is based on the “experiencer”; experiences which are based on the 5 senses, intellect, understanding and thinking.

Since childhood, we all are taught that one of the greatest virtue of life is to always speak the TRUTH. Based on the above premise that each of us perceives SPACE differently; further continuing on these lines of thoughts, we can evaluate what is “TRUTH” for each one of us? Truth is one which everyone believes is a fact or reality. But the problem with this is, each one of us believes the truth as what we individually experience via our senses, intellect, understanding and thinking. As you will agree that each one of us has been endowed with different sensibilities which can easily cloud our version of the truth. Hence if each one of us lives in our own made world of true experiences, we can never really in the true sense agree on a thing being absolutely TRUE. Imagine if everyone around me decided to call “real” red color as blue, I will perceive the color as blue and that will be a fact, a TRUTH for me. Thus actually “PERCEPTION BECOMES KING and our poor friend TRUTH is sadly irrelevant”.

I consider myself the most fortunate and blessed one. HH Sadguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj have blessed me with the actual TRUTH. SADGURU have shown the TRUTH, that everything is enveloped in this constant SPACE, in this NIRANKAR. The immense power of SADGURU’S teaching and HIS blessings have cleared the cloud of perception and have helped to witness the actual TRUTH. Blessings of SADGURU have helped to understand the weakness of the 5 senses, have helped to guide my intellect, understanding and thinking in the direction of reality. It has changed the perception of listening or looking things around me. SADGURU has decorated a path for each and every one of us. SADGURU assures that whoever follows this path will experience the same SPACE around them, the SPACE filled with Love, Humanity and Humbleness. I seek blessings of SADGURU to follow HIS path for rest of my life.

Its because of HIS grace and blessings we are achieving all the dreams in the life, but most important HE is helping us to be a Human Being.

This journey is awesome, I wish to continue enjoying this happiness and I wish this journey never ends.

Shukr Hai BABAJI, for providing a path for this blissful journey. BABAJI please bless the entire mankind to become a Human as YOU have envisioned.




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