Let’s decorate one another not punish one another

May 5, 2011

DhanNIrankar ji!!

“Ek dusre ko saja de hum, Na ki ek dusre ko Saza de hum” which
translates to let’s decorate one another and not punish one another.
Babaji quoted above while addressing the congregation in Delhi, Ground
No 8, Near Nirankari Sarovar on May 1st,2011.

Babaji said that “Jab bhi hamme koi chota dikhayi deta hai to iska
matlab hai ki hum ya to use door se dekh rahe hain ya phir groor se
dekh rahe hain..” [When ever we feel that someone is smaller than us
it only means that we are looking from a distance or we are full of
our ego].

He said saints should have due respect for one another. He said its
mentioned in Avtar Bani that when ever a gurusikh meets another
gurusikh he feels blessed.

He said this path of Gurusikhi is not easy. It is full of challenges.
He further said “Khene waalon ka kya hai, sehne wale kamal karte
hain..” It is just like walking on the sword. He said Gursikh always
keeps patience, they never forget about their State of Gurusikhi
whatever may happen.He also gave an example of the sandalwood tree
which does not stop giving its  fragrance even when it is surrounded
by snakes all the time.

Lets all pray to Babaji, please bless us so that we can implement
these teachings in our life.

Here is the link for audio version of the discourses.[**You have to
login to www.nirankari.org]


Thoughts shared by
Sanjeev Ji


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