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I must win, but all others must lose !!!

May 5, 2011

It is strange, but exactly that is an approach we have mastered; “Its not just enough if I win, but all others must lose”. Agreed, its competitive world and we have to work hard and fight to sustain in this world. Unfortunately, our focus have changed from winning to making others lose.

If a question is asked to young parents, What you want your child to be, when he/she grow up? The answer can be broadly categories into:

1. 50% of them will answer, whatever he/she interested in. (but kids are not mature enough to know the interest, and this usually is influenced by parents thinking)

2. 49% will answer engineer or doctor (stereotype, that is how I grow up) and

3. If you do not fall into first 2 categories, I am curious to know what is your choice ?

Well this same question was asked to a poor lady from village near Pune, she replied “Good Human Being”. This is Choice 3, which unfortunately not even 1% of parents usually will answer. This answer can come only from a pure, innocent human soul who cares for humanity. We assume being good human is default and set our goal for either choice 1 & 2. However, hunger to achieve choice 1 & 2 overshadows the default implicit goal of becoming “Good Human Being”.

But this is not our fault, as we have been raised with the attitude, “Do everything you can to be on top, it doesn’t matter if you need to step on others.”  Unknowingly this attitude is fed right from school days. It starts with interviewing a 3 year old for admission, followed by ranking system from kindergarten and influenced by parents expectation from their child to be 1st in class. One incident at school soccer game, few kids waiting on sideline to replace injured player. Parent of one kid signaling her son to rush next to coach in order to get a chance to be in the game. The kid passionately runs towards coach, takes the place of another kid standing next to coach by pushing him aside.

Later same attitude changes to, “I am tall enough to reach top, but I will make sure I kick everyone while I reach top.” My wife’s friend, is in process of Medical school entrance and she is currently attaining several interviews at different schools.My wife asked her, “how are interviews going on?”.  She replied, “I am frustrated with the interviews and just wish this gets over soon. This is making me “Bad Human Being”, which I think I am not”. She continued, “when I am in interview room with other students, I am not only praying for my good performance, but I also pray for others bad performance.”

Another incident which reflects, we are more worried about others performance (in negative sense), rather caring for own. It was graded group assignment and we decided to have online discussion over school chat application. One student questioned, is it good to use school chat app, as other groups can see log of our chat? …. So what ? What will happen even if they see the log? Will it really affect your grade?

This so called competitive attitude has overlooked the fact that in today’s economy, others really do not have to lose for your success. There are plenty of space at Top for you as well as many others of similar caliber. Obviously if depends on your definition of being on Top. If its being successful in your profession, then spend some time looking analyzing the real successful people in your field, you will reveal the fact that none of them are successful at expense of other. If you are the group leader, I am sure there is enough opportunity and space for many working under you to be a leader of some other group. If you want to become a Manager, you can be one as your colleague too, working for different team or organization.

In fact personally I feel, sometimes this attitude of “I must win, but all others must lose” would really make you lose by not focusing on what you can do but on what you cannot control.


Truth or Perception

May 5, 2011

Shukr Hai Ki Shukr Hai

The unlimited expanse in which everything is located is called as SPACE. Each one of us is an object in this space or we can say space is one that has enveloped everyone of us.
Space and time will always be in a continuum and we experience their company at each and every moment as we move through process of life. This continuum of space and time ensures that we will never re-visit the experiences that we once go through.
We all have same space around us but everyone will describe it uniquely and differently, why? The difference is because each individual perceive the same space differently. No two people will experience the space in same way. Each experience is based on the “experiencer”; experiences which are based on the 5 senses, intellect, understanding and thinking.

Since childhood, we all are taught that one of the greatest virtue of life is to always speak the TRUTH. Based on the above premise that each of us perceives SPACE differently; further continuing on these lines of thoughts, we can evaluate what is “TRUTH” for each one of us? Truth is one which everyone believes is a fact or reality. But the problem with this is, each one of us believes the truth as what we individually experience via our senses, intellect, understanding and thinking. As you will agree that each one of us has been endowed with different sensibilities which can easily cloud our version of the truth. Hence if each one of us lives in our own made world of true experiences, we can never really in the true sense agree on a thing being absolutely TRUE. Imagine if everyone around me decided to call “real” red color as blue, I will perceive the color as blue and that will be a fact, a TRUTH for me. Thus actually “PERCEPTION BECOMES KING and our poor friend TRUTH is sadly irrelevant”.

I consider myself the most fortunate and blessed one. HH Sadguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj have blessed me with the actual TRUTH. SADGURU have shown the TRUTH, that everything is enveloped in this constant SPACE, in this NIRANKAR. The immense power of SADGURU’S teaching and HIS blessings have cleared the cloud of perception and have helped to witness the actual TRUTH. Blessings of SADGURU have helped to understand the weakness of the 5 senses, have helped to guide my intellect, understanding and thinking in the direction of reality. It has changed the perception of listening or looking things around me. SADGURU has decorated a path for each and every one of us. SADGURU assures that whoever follows this path will experience the same SPACE around them, the SPACE filled with Love, Humanity and Humbleness. I seek blessings of SADGURU to follow HIS path for rest of my life.

Its because of HIS grace and blessings we are achieving all the dreams in the life, but most important HE is helping us to be a Human Being.

This journey is awesome, I wish to continue enjoying this happiness and I wish this journey never ends.

Shukr Hai BABAJI, for providing a path for this blissful journey. BABAJI please bless the entire mankind to become a Human as YOU have envisioned.




Introduction Sant Nirankari Mission

May 5, 2011

The Sant Nirankari Mission (Universal Brotherhood) is a spiritual movement, and a genuine effort to unite mankind for the good of humanity.

The Mission believes in responsible living in society, and that equality should prevail within community life. Having high regard for all religious and spiritual movements the Mission is founded on the belief that:

We believe in world peace and unity (His Holiness Baba Hardev Ji)

For more inform, please visit: Sant Nirankari Mission




Let’s decorate one another not punish one another

May 5, 2011

DhanNIrankar ji!!

“Ek dusre ko saja de hum, Na ki ek dusre ko Saza de hum” which
translates to let’s decorate one another and not punish one another.
Babaji quoted above while addressing the congregation in Delhi, Ground
No 8, Near Nirankari Sarovar on May 1st,2011.

Babaji said that “Jab bhi hamme koi chota dikhayi deta hai to iska
matlab hai ki hum ya to use door se dekh rahe hain ya phir groor se
dekh rahe hain..” [When ever we feel that someone is smaller than us
it only means that we are looking from a distance or we are full of
our ego].

He said saints should have due respect for one another. He said its
mentioned in Avtar Bani that when ever a gurusikh meets another
gurusikh he feels blessed.

He said this path of Gurusikhi is not easy. It is full of challenges.
He further said “Khene waalon ka kya hai, sehne wale kamal karte
hain..” It is just like walking on the sword. He said Gursikh always
keeps patience, they never forget about their State of Gurusikhi
whatever may happen.He also gave an example of the sandalwood tree
which does not stop giving its  fragrance even when it is surrounded
by snakes all the time.

Lets all pray to Babaji, please bless us so that we can implement
these teachings in our life.

Here is the link for audio version of the discourses.[**You have to
login to],com_muscol/id,851/lang,en/view,song/

Thoughts shared by
Sanjeev Ji


Happiness is in everyones DNA

May 5, 2011

How pleased you would be if I say everyone can be happy. All of us someway or other, in different shape, fashion or form devote entire life to achieve happiness. Job, relationship, family children , everything we do is a quest for happiness.

If we ask, what I have to get in order to be happy ? Individual will come up with answers like wealth, spouse, children, traveling, fame, etc … We will get a good list of what we need to be happy. But this is a fact that whatever you get can be un-get. Then were will this make you stand ?

If I say, actually there is nothing you have to get or do to be happy. Happiness is a part of your nature, it is in your DNA. Question will arise, if it is in a DNA then how everyone is not happy ? The simple answer is we spent entire life learning to be unhappy. The way to be unhappy is buying a mental model. Everything in this world works according to some mental model, like, Which movie is good ? Where a good chinese food served ? What book should I read at this hour ? Similarly we buy a mental model in which we should get something so that we can do something to be something .. its a “If Then Model” .. If this happens then I will be happy. Only difference within us is this “If” each one is focusing on. Also the difference within you now and you 10 years back is about this “If”. Many of us achieved this “If” what we thought 10 years back (like graduation, employment, marriage), but where do we stand right now ? Are we happy ? May be not because the current “If” is different. The model itself is flawed. We spend enormous time changing the “If” instead of not buying this flawed “If then” mental model.

It can be demonstrated, assume you are out enjoying the nature. Suddenly if you saw a rainbow or a gorgeous valley, you admire the beauty and feel happy. Somehow at that instant you accept the universe exactly as it was. Assume if you think, the rainbow would be much better if it was 10 meters on right. But you do not and you still remember that happy moment for rest of our life. How if the situation we have is equally perfect as a rainbow. But we do not accept it as it is, and strive to make it different and then we try to fit into the “If then” mental model.

How can I step out of this model ?
I want to do this, I want to get this, I want to reach there .. all these are outcome, what you want to achieve.
We overlook the fact that actions is in our control at least in logic sense, but outcomes are out of our controls. Sometimes you do perfectly what is expected but output is exactly opposite .. e.g. I wish to make my wife happy with some nice surprise. What I do is buy a awesome dress and when I reach home with a big smile on my face, I present her the dress. She opens with excitement but reacts exactly opposite to what I expected. I bought her a size 2 dress and she reacts saying, “When was the last time you got me a dress, I am size 6 now.”

We live in a world were we think more about outcome… where I am , where I want to go and this is what I want to do .. what if I do not succeed .. We invest a lot in the outcome and get frustrated if the outcome is not what we expected. To be happy and successful,  do not invest in a outcome but invest in a process.
John Wodeen the first person to be named in “Basketball Hall of Fame” as a player and a coach. One of the most successful coach in college Basketball, had a unique way of coaching. He reveals the secret behind his success. He never spoke about winning. When the game is over he talks to players, “Look in a mirror and ask yourself, did I do the best I’m capable of? If you did then score doesn’t matter. But I’m confident, if you do what your capable of then the score will be in your liking.” This is investing in a process, but we do the opposite, we invest in a outcome.

It is good to think about outcome, it gives a direction. Focus on the outcome to get a direction but invest totally in the process. If you succeed wonderful but if you do not still wonderful. You get a new starting point and from that starting point select another outcome and work on process . Everyday will be a unique, exciting and you will have a blast, if you invest in the process and not spend all of emotional energy in the outcome. Remember, outcome is out of your control.

Many times, I hear someone saying that my life is routine, nothing is exciting, don’t feel passionate enough to do anything.  Curse about the job, the boss, the colleagues. Someone said, “Passion exist inside you and not in what you are doing”. If you do not find a way to ignite this passion within yourself right where you are then you will never be able to even outside. External world is just a reflection of your inner self. It adjust and rearrange itself as per you attitude.

This very life is nothing but a Journey. Now you have to decide your destination (place where you want to be) and select a path of this Journey. You begin your journey focusing and spending energy in the process and not in the outcome.

I consider myself a fortunate one as my Spiritual Mentor have blessed me. HE have made me understand where I am right now (my current state) and where I need to reach (my destination). But most important, HE has shown me the path to reach this destination, path to become a true Human Being. I hope I can follow this path and implement HIS teachings in my day to day life.

Thank You !!!


8 secrets of success

May 4, 2011

Richard St. John’s 8 secrets of success:

  1. Passion: Do it what you love and money will come anyway
  2. Hard Work: Its all hard work, nothing comes easily
  3. Good: Be damn good at what you are doing. Key to it is Practice – Practice – Practic
  4. Focus: Focusing yourself on one thing at a time
  5. Push: Push yourself, physically mentally push push push. Push through shyness and self doubt.
  6. Serve: You can’t serve yourself unless you learn to serve others something of value. That’s how people really get rich.
  7. Ideas: Listen, observe, be curious, ask questions, problem solving, make connections.
  8. Persists: Persist through failure, CRAP – criticism(C), rejection(R), assholes(A), pressure(P)