Jan Lokpal All Good but What’s my responsibility?

April 9, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011 glued entire nation together and within couple of days same passion was exhibited in support of Jan Lokpal Bill. Mr. Anna Hazare Ji, a Gandhian, passionately and patriotically working hard as he always does, to enforce the Jan Lokpal Bill. The indefinite Fasting did bend the Government, who agreed to issue a formal order to set up a joint committee for drafting an effective Lokpal Bill.

This entire campaign “India Against Corruption” compared by some as equivalent to fight for Independence, is upheld and supported not only in India but by all Indian across the globe. Entire social network, media, print media, Bollywood  and even streets across cities are over flowing with campaign and messages in support of “India Against Corruption” movement, more specifically advertising the Jan Lokpal Bill and support to indefinite Anna Ji’s fast.

I feel proud to be Indian, as all came together for need of change. Everyone fighting to eradicate the corruption which is like a “The Termite Effect”, slowly but surely damaging the system. May be many of us don’t know the details about Jan Lokpal Bill, but still providing support in any possible form to get this Bill in the parliament. They know this is something about controlling the corruption and encouraging the development of India.

But all this raises a question in my mind, will this completely solve the corruption problem ? May be not, but it may help in controlling the corruption at higher level which usually involves big mula. But what about corruption at ground level ? If I consciously see around, first and foremost, I feel myself guilty of promoting the corruption. Unless I am 100% sure about not being corrupt (giving or taking bribe), I do not hold any right to talk or fight against corruption at any level.

How am I corrupt?

1. Shopping, buying stuffs, refueling Gas/Petrol/Diesel without demanding for valid sales receipt.

2. Breaking traffic rules or committing crime and escaping by paying money less than the actual fine, again without receipt.

3. Get work done at any office (private or govt. office) by influence of some reference, power or by bribe. Best example is getting the marriage certificate 🙂

4. Buying tickets for a movie or cricket game by paying more than the face value.

These are few basic things I am involved in and there are many more such things. I need to first stop being corrupt and then expect others to follow me. Unless I stop being one of the termite or stop feeding the termites, “The Termite Effect” can never be stopped.

I am worse than those, whom everyone target as the most corrupt ones. I am corrupt for my selfishness, at least they are forced to be corrupt (by system or situation). People like me are highly over paid causing the total imbalance in the economy. I can’t imagine getting paid Rs.6000/month and sustain in current economy. The sky high real estate prices, out of proportion school fees, always increasing fuel prices, poor public transportation, Rs. 60/Kg Onions, etc … forces them to be corrupt. But what forces me to be corrupt ? System is responsible for their corruption, but who is responsible for me being corrupt ?

I can guarantee, if everyone ask these questions to themselves, the inner self of 90% of us will echo, “Yes, I am corrupt” too. If your self echoed the same, lets do self realization. First stop being corrupt and then gain a right to support  “India Against Corruption”.

Thanks !!!!


One comment

  1. Very true Ravi Ji. You’ve put forth a few examples, but the more we think about it, deeper and deeper we find ourselves stuck in the quagmire of corruption. What Anna Hazare Ji has initiated is very commendable and I fully support it. However, like they say, charity begins at home. So, I’ll be making every possible effort on an individual level to not indulge in anything related to corruption.

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