Hard to sink-in the reality

April 5, 2011

Day – Saturday, April.2nd 2011

Time – Around 10:45 pm IST


Yes, it is hard to sink-in the reality of “INDIA-THE CHAMPION”, not because there was a single bit of doubt of achieving this glory but it was the fear of being denied of this success for some unknown reasons. As predicted, the best and the deserving team awarded “THE CHAMP” tag and each Indian fan may be finding difficult to express how proud he/she is feeling to witness this great achievement.

I do not want to praise the great Indian team and also not criticize other teams or for that matter any thing during this journey of World Cup. I believe talking about if’s and but’s should happen before the event occur and not as part to criticize the event after it already happened.

Just thought to scribe this and preserve this as a long lasting wonderful memory. Any time I read this article should help to refresh the memories of this great world cup. Should refresh the great moments like, “Yuvi’s roars hitting the boundary piercing the cover & mid-off to get over defending Champs Australia” or “Munaf’s legcutter to get rid of Razzaq in semi to get pass Pakistan, yet another time in WC” or “Captain cool’s heave over long-on boundary to raise the Golden Globe” or “Young mates lifting the little champ, who is lifting the billion Indian fans expectations since last 2 decades”. These great moments are not possible without the equally small moments like “Zaks beauty to get rid of Hussey” or “Bhaji’s drifter to puzzle Umar Akmal” or “Desperate effort of Kulasekara on boundary, failing to get rid of Gambhir”.

Posting the links to scorecard which reflects the gusty, passionate, determinant and professional display of cricket by Indian team to get pass the past World Champs, “Aussies”, “Pakis” & “Lankans”.




This victory may not be as exciting as one in 1983 when no one expected India to raise the World Cup, but this is unique achievement in itself. Not just winning the World Cup, but enjoying the Golden time of Indian cricket gives more pleasure and happiness. Indian team, the No. 1 ranked Test Team, the World T20 champs (2007) and the ODI World Champ (2011), can’t be more Golden Time than this.

At the same time can’t restrict myself to think about the future of this team and I can see it as Golden as it is right now. Looking at the 15 members in the squad, can’t think of any other team who played all 15 members in single World Cup, not just for sake of giving the chance but bc their need was felt in that particular match. Other than Sreesanth, every one raised to the occasion and backed the decision of their Captain. Just a unknown link for the great future will be the new coaching and supporting staff. Wish Kirsten could continue with the team, but even he can’t regret a single moment of that farewell party. Just hope the Indian thinking tank get a similar personality as Kirsten and his staff to keep this Indian team on highs for years to come.

Can’t wait to override memories of this WorldCup by events of WorldCup 2015, when yet again the Little Champ is taking a victory lap on shoulder of young guns.




  1. Actually Ravi! the entire series has been memorable and the memories will stay with us till the time we live I guess, even if we witness better cricket next time, this world cup is something special.. and it shall always be…

  2. मला अजूनही विश्वास बसत नाहीए की आपण वर्ल्ड कप जिंकला आहे म्हणून !!
    २००३ चा त्या आठवणी खूप ताज्या झाल्या.
    भारतीय क्रिकेट मधले आणखी एक सुवर्णा पान लिहिला गेला आहे, आणि सर्वात छान म्हणजे आपण त्याचे साक्षीदार आहोत 🙂

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