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Let the Countdown Begin

March 25, 2011

Watching the Thursday showdown @ Motera to send 4 time World Champs (3 consecutive times since 1999) on the Kangaroo ride was a treat for Indian fans. This show definitely will shut off the loud skeptics who never wants to accept that Indian team has everything (compared to other teams in this WC) to lift that Golden Globe held up by three Silver Columns. More than a criticism this is a fear of acceptance.

Agreed the wicket was slow spinning track and aussies without a decent spin attack was going to have a challenge to control strong Indian batting line up. If you see out of 5 wickets, only Tendulkar’s wicket was due to bowling effort rest all was, as Sidhu describes “Christmas gift in a nicely decorated box”. But don’t forget here we talking about bowling attack with highly praised quick bowlers. This match really displays not only the tremendous talent in deep Indian batting line up but mentally stronger than ever batting line up.

Buckle up your seat belt and get ready for another amazing ride @ Mohali when India will take on none other than its biggest rival Pakistan. A battle between talented Indian batting v/s strong Pakistan bowling attack, a battle between out of form Pakistan batting v/s decent Indian bowling attack, a battle of mental toughness and passion for nation’s glory. Can’t expect any bigger show than this as some describe it as a fantasy land.

Still many will doubt, but India is miles favorite to win this battle. Of course as mentioned in my previous article, ODI win is dependent on many other factors and not just talent of the team. But still I personally have no doubt India will cross the line as winner and have a feeling it will be a comfortable win. India will be playing first time a good caliber sub-continent team in this WC and if the wicket is good for batting I am expecting a huge treat from Shewag & Sachin again.

Can’t wait to predict another finalist which many will disagree, but I think it will be NewZealand, defeating England in semi’s.

Go India !!!!