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Is Winner of Final a Real Champion ?

February 28, 2011

Definitely, a cup winner is a real champion if you talking about UEFA Champions League but I doubt if you talking about Cricket ODI World Cup. Truly a champion can be decided only if two teams are competing under same playing conditions.

How often we hear comments like following as reasons to win or lose a game?

1. Bowling conditions were ideal in the morning when ball was swinging because of moisture. Our bowlers exploited the conditions well and took those early crucial wickets.

2. It was easy batting second. Pitch was playing much easier, no movement or spin to the bowlers and ball was coming nicely on bat.

3. Pitch slowed down in second half and it was difficult to “time” the bowl.

4. It was difficult to grip the ball for spinners due to the dew factor.

5. We lost one wicket and suddenly we were behind as per D/L rules.

Are we talking here about deciding a winner in a even contest? To top that, we deciding a world champion with a tournament in which 99% chances of no elimination of even a single decent team (no chance of upsets at all) over a period of one month. And later it will take only 7 days to decide a champion.

What is your opinion on following?

1. Was India really among top 3 teams in 1983 world cup?

2. Did Pakistan really deserve to win a 1992 world cup? NZ deliberately losing to Pakistan to play with weaker opponent (ironically weakest team to reach semi was Pakistan) in Semi-Finals. South Africa losing to England, a miracle (can possible only in cricket) happened and target of 22 runs in 13 balls changes to 21 runs in 1 ball.

3. How ball suddenly started turning almost a feet during 1996 world cup semi finals between India v/s SriLanka?

4. Was Australia real champion in world cup 1999 ? A semi-final is a tie, but one team progress to the finale on the basis of net run rate.

5. South Africa eliminated before Super Six stage of world cup 2003, because they scored runs just one short to win (not a actual target) as rain interrupted the game as expected.

6. Kenya reaching Semi-Finals of world cup 2003, because few teams had a luxury to avoid playing games because of unsafe venue.

7. Two teams who have always been title contenders in previous 6 world cups were eliminated in the first round of world cup 2007.

How can a certain teams are good in sub-continent and equally bad in other playing conditions & vice-versa? The only answer I can think about, winning in ODI cricket game is beyond the talent and skill level. May be not 50% but certainly 20% contribution in winning a game is from external factors which are beyond control of playing teams.

So don’t jump to criticize a team after a loss or start debating on who is real champion? I believe a real champion needs a very good team (talent & skill), mental strength and luck (which will take care of external factors). As of today, I can confidently say that there are at least 4 teams who cannot be separated as a real champion but will also not be surprised if 5th team is crowned as a Champion.

Guys, so just enjoy this crazy game, have real fun and support your team. At the same time don’t get disappointed if your team do not make to the final. Your team will still be a Champion in spite of not winning World Cup. This can happen only in the game of cricket (ODI).

Go India !!!