Peace or Pride ?

January 25, 2011

On the eve of 62nd Republican Day, most of the Indians are stamping there pride of being Indian, not through praising the beautiful things this country has given but talking about right to hoist a National Flag. One of the hottest topic in the news, over social networks and many more communication media is about hoisting a National Flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar, Kashmir. People siting in their a/c cabins/offices, utilizing the resources of the employer, some taking extra time out from busy schedule to protest against the decision of J&K Chief Minister to not hoisting a National Flag at Lal Chowk. Facebook, twitter, foward emails and many more sources are utilize for this protest. There are political parties involved in big movements and pressing hard to hoist the National Flag.

Well, I can certainly understand and not against what these political parties are doing. They as a politician always have motive behind each and everything they do. Similar thoughts and motives are behind this too, which really do not have place for feelings and sentiments of common population who will be affected. Similar thing happened a month back in Pune, controversy on Statue at Lal Mahal. Nobody ever cared for so many years what was there inside Lal Mahal and whoes and why the statue was there ? But suddenly everybody became sentimental about it and everyone started caring about Maratha History. Again as I said, no blame to politicians for what they are doing, because they are clear about what and why they are doing.

However, I feel pity about common citizen like me, who can show the pride being Maratha or being Indian, only through talking and supporting such kind of activities. We says, this is bullshit, we even have to think before hoisting a flag of our country in our own country? This is our pride and a right to hoist a flag. Come on, pride in supporting to things which will create controversies, pride in talking about it, and pride in taunting etc… Where is our pride when it comes to helping your needy country man, where is our pride when it comes to keeping country clean, where is our pride when it comes to breaking the rules & regulations, where is our pride when it comes to being a part of corruption.A board displaying “Happy Independence Day” on 26th Jan, this is our pride. Do we really know what we are doing ?

Human nature cannot help it, we can only point out as much negative things as you can and neglect the positives. How many of us know about the commandment by Nehru about flag hoisting exception in J&K, how many of us know about the daily situation of common man in J&K, how many of us know the opinion of common man in J&K and how many of us can predict the consequences of this act. Why should I even bother to know, because it is not me who will be suffering if something happens in J&K. I am sitting here in my a/c office and if something happens, I will access facebook twice as I am right now to comment about this event, showing how proud I am about being Indian. Spend little time reading articles expressing the opinion of common man in J&K and then we will understand what exactly they want.

They talk about a rally started from Kolkatta, a efforts of creating Unity among Indian. Is unity means coming together and protesting against something? Is unity means coming together and criticizing? Is unity means creating a plot for riots ? I wish they can understand what exactly unity means … “Unity is not becoming one, but it is understanding and respecting the differences”

I wish everyone a very happy and peaceful “Republic Day”. Jai Hind !!!



  1. Ravi, let me tell you one thing very clearly peace without pride has no meaning. 800 years Indians were living under slavery. Many years we had peace without pride.
    Unfortunately hosting flag campaign is promoted by BJP. I wish it would have been done by some Gandhian organization. Then nation would have understood its importance because it has become fashion to bash patriotic activities done by BJP and its sister organizations. If we are looking for peace sacrificing our national pride, remember peace will not long last. Prithviraj Chauhan defeted Khilji but let him free. And you know what followed. Not hosting flag means virtually surrendering to separatist.
    We should either get busy living or get busy dieing. Because there is nothing in between friend or enemy. You are either Indian or you are not.

    • Ghauri defeated Prithviraj not Khilji. Sorry for wrong info above.

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