April 27, 2010

Personally to me IPL is really commendable and I can’t wait for next season to start. IPL-4 will have a team “SAHARA PUNE WARRIORS”(SPW), the only team I will support and will care about. SPW is the only IPL team which is different than any other existing teams: 1) It is the only team not based in state capital but in Pune, 2) Highest ever bid for any team in IPL, 3) Owner is not a collection of bunch of guys, but its SAHARA Group — who were part of Indian cricket for long time and know how to do marketing.

Pune, always lived in shadow of Mumbai, now will have an opportunity to show its colors not only to India but to entire world. Pune do not need any stardom to flash for the publicity. Passion of people in Pune itself will take it to its glory.

No doubt SPW will be a tremendous boost for the development of Pune, but we should not forget the reason for many bidders bidding for Pune IPL is due to its current position. Pune always been a huge part of Indian economy. Always been giants in the mechanical industry and now overwhelming growth in IT industry. It has and will continue to be a permanent home for many people came to Pune either for education or for work. Biggest asset for Pune is the people living in Pune, who are taunted for their “Puneri Pattya” but have always welcome every one to their community.

Pune can’t get a better chance to flourish then being part of SPW. SPW will not just bring fame to the city, but has laid down a great platform for its development. No doubt more funds will now be available to invest in the infrastructure of the city, the economy will keep improving by producing more jobs, more investors will be attracted to Pune not in the IT or mechanical field but in the entertainment industry and many more on similar lines.

Success of SPW on field is not only important for the cricket lovers but for everyone who will be affected by the economy and development of Pune.

Many people have their views for IPL being a business and not a sport. I totally disagree with it, IPL is the only form of sport which will benefit everyone in the city. People talk about dropping out IPL and give more importance to playing for the country. Many says cricketers should be proud of their country, do something for the country and show passion towards the country by playing in world events. I have one question to all of them, does playing for the country means doing something for the country or playing in IPL which will benefit the economy and development of the country, is doing something for the country ?

Isn’t this a win-win-win situation. First winner is the owner of franchise, 2nd winner is the player and the biggest winner is a individual living in India. I won’t be surprised and as already speculated many foreign investors already have an eye on IPL.

Why any one who is living in Pune should not be proud to be part of SPW and who will not wish to be a loyal fan of SPW?

First time ever I felt the population of India which always been a part of problem is now becoming a part of solution. Huge population is the biggest factor in the success of IPL.

I wish ICC creates a big slot for IPL or I even won’t care if India is not playing cricket all around the world(
except the World Cup), as now I have a team to support for in the game of cricket.

Go Warriors !!!!



  1. Awesome blog….wish there is a “Like” button here :D…
    Lot of talented players who never would have made through the “selection” process (which is biased and unfair) of Indian team got a chance to showcase their talent.
    As long as the political weed stays out of IPL I am fine with it. And best part is i could watch the semi/final on http://WWW.youtube.com/ipl …….LIVE

    • hey I could watch entire IPL-3 season (only on weekends) on http://www.livevss.net and did saw semifinals and final on youtube.
      I can post this blog on facebook and you can click “like” there 🙂

  2. Very nice blog, on a similar thought i am shifting my loyalty from Delhi Dare Devils to Sahara Pune Warriors.

    Another difference of SPW than any other existing franchise: Only team representing human on it’s logo.

    Go Warriors 🙂

  3. Excellent blog bro…. am full on for the Warriors… Am sure Sahara will rope in the best talent… GO WARRIORS!!! Watch Out… WE are here…

  4. Mind Blowing blog Ravi…By default all the preference is now to SPW…there could not be any other options IPL3 onwards.

  5. Nice post Ravi.

    Indeed I am feeling very proud that Pune has got a IPL team.
    As you rightly said, Pune has always been under the shadows of Mumbai. However now it is making a mark for itself

    Proud to be a “Punekar”

    Har Har Mahadev !!
    The Mavla sitting on the horse with the spear in his hand gives all the josh!

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