ENTHUS .. To The Top

July 4, 2006



For peoples … its just a short word for Enthusiasm meaning passion, zeal, zest, ….

But not for ENTHUS

For ENTHUS …its not a word with meanings but with lot many feelings …

For ENTHUS its not just a word ..but its :

         A place of Special Bonding

         A Family

         A place where friendship start for not to end ever

         A place to understand the real meaning of friendship

         A place to Enjoy and have Fun

         A place to experience thrill, excitement, emotions, caring, frolic,…

         A place to amplify onces happiness by sharing.

         A place where once sorrow guaranteed to drop off .

         A place to find solution for any kind of problems.

         A place to be childish in this matured society.

         A place where one can always forget about any bad feelings.

         A place where one can find lots of supports whenever needed.

         A place where you don’t need anything other than ENTHUS to enjoy

         A place where one have freedom to comment about anything at any level

         A place to find peoples with every characteristic, skills, talents, hobbies, …u just name to get it

         A place “To The Top” of every height.

         ENTHUS is a bonding which binds all ENTHUS together .. no mater where they are in which corner of this world.

         We the Gang to revolutionized the happiness as per our choice

On ENTHU described it as

We the Gang of :

United n
Stylish    Friends 🙂

Another ENTHU described it as :

Friendship starts here n ends here..
u will undersand the meanin of friendship…
Friends, fun, frolic,Thrill, excitement, emotions, share, care
u will find everything  here ………
Thats Enthusiasm …


Introduction of few ENTHU family members …. (Sorry for missing few names)

         Prashant  – Techno Man

         Amit  – Entertainer

         Tushar – Hushar

         Abhijit – A perfect Gentlemen

         Shailesh Sir – Responsibilities comes with the name

         Venkat – Most reliable person you would ever see.

         Yogesh – Call him anytime he will be there.

         Upen – Cricket Excellence and commitment lies here

–        Mandar – Man to talk about anything you wish

         Swati vahini – Only smart girl to understand guys

         Swati – Typical HR girl J , very sentimental

         Swapna – Fault to be a girl (should be a guy)

         Mrun – pack of Enthusiasm

         Indy – Nice and  helpful … Novels provider for me

–         Uma – Inspiration to adjust urself in any situation .

         Sayli – Nice, polite, understandable

         Asmita – Get melodious here (waiting to listen it soon)

         Preeya – nice, innocent

Who wont love to see his/her name in the above list .. and for that just be part of ENTHUS am sure you would definitely be thankful to me for that.

Few more blogs will be coming up with more information and activities of ENTHUS.


– Ravi the ENTHUS



  1. AMAZING MAN… that is a really good write… am all pumped up now.. Thanks for those wonderfull thoughts…

  2. Hey Ravs,

    That a SAHI write up..

  3. Amazing work done …..
    i mean its really very difficult to express ur self, ur feeling in word … But u done a fantastic work….
    aaree te done omments ahet na te Sayli vahini ani mazhe ahet ..aple enthus baddal che vichar lihalya please ENTHUs Group on Orkut la avshya Visit dya…
    aaree baass .. ata me submit karto ikde ..mazha lihun hois paryanata kiti comments ale

    Challlaaa Trekking la……………
    mausam bhi hai enthus bhi hai ani dastur bhi hai ….
    Chala mavlyanano…………. 😉

  4. Aree mitra tuzha desc rahila hota tya list madhe mahnun ….
    Ravi – The all rounder 😉

  5. Hey ravs..this is an amazing writeup…absolutely heart felt and a clear reflection of the ENTHUS… certainly its a lovely bond we all share and love you all for just being there…anytime and everytime..

    mRun 🙂

  6. Ravs,
    Nice Writeup Man !!! Cheers !!

    Enthus….the word says it all…
    the people who are always charged…
    the people who are always there to support each other…
    the people who know what life is and how to live it…

    Yes…..its WE :-)…the people…the community…the group and above all THE FAMILY !!!

  7. Hey Ravi,

    You have done an excellent job of putting on this page what is there in the minds of all Enthus. Great!

    There is one more point to be added here:
    “Once an Enthu…Always an Enthu”
    This means that once you join us, you are with us ever, irrespective of where you are physically/geographically. We now have enthus in almost all parts of the globe!

    Keep the Enthu spirit alive.

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